Where is your camera?

Never leave home without one…

Photography is about capturing an instant in time. You can’t capture that instant if your big, heavy, expensive camera gear is all locked up at home.

Your phone may be all you need. Personally I find taking pictures with my phone awkward and the results are rarely good. I don’t buy phones for the quality of the camera. I suspect my phone camera is not that great anyway, but the rest is me.

Part of the picture taking process, for me, is the handling of the camera, and this is very personal. A camera that can be operated with gloves on, will be fast to operate without! Touch screens though great for may things don’t work for me on a camera, I need knobs and dials.

So, some years ago I abandoned my full frame, Canon 5D, and moved to the Fuji X system. Small cameras with APS-C sized sensors, with a slightly unusual pixel arrangement, they can produce huge prints with great resolution. With a small lens fitted an X-E series camera will fit in a coat pocket comfortably. I then set the camera up so that it has automatic ISO, set the lens at a medium aperture (usually f4 – f5.6 on a bright day) and I can then take the camera from my pocket, point, and shoot. Faster than finding the camera app on my phone.

The Old Man of Fez

Images like this don’t exist for more than a few seconds, especially in countries where people are not keen on being photographed.